Your aircraft's exterior is a testimony of the standards you set. In ATAS we realize that our work reflects not only on our company, but on your’s, too. That's why we take care in every detail when working on your aircraft.
The ATAS team can suggest an entire line of exterior maintenance services that deliver supreme quality and attention to detail on every task.

Dry washing essentially means using a product that both cleans and protects the exterior of your aircraft. Wiping down all the exterior surfaces by hand will ensure a spot-free finish. This procedure removes bugs, dirt, rain marks, carbon and oil from surfaces, and should be done regularly for the best results. Machine buffing returns high gloss to the exterior paint. Soaps, degreasers and even water, can often cause corrosion, and will cause paint to oxidize faster. Machine buffing with a high-quality de-oxidizer removes oxidation and staining, and leaves your aircraft ready for the next step. Following the Dry wash and/or buffing, the exterior detailing includes hand waxing and/or a protective coat of Teflon sealant ®. This procedure is necessary once or twice a year or more depending on how often you flight. Dry washing satisfies EPA regulations as well.